Prototyping is a form of Problem Solving

Prototyping is a key problem-solving activity in product design.  It starts right from the beginning of a project and continues right into production.  Given the complexity of product development, it is critical to take as much of the guesswork out of the design process as possible, and prevent surprises from showing up later in a project.  It is much less expensive to solve problems early in a project than later, when tooling may have been started and sales commitments made.  Prototypes evolve along with the design process; simple prototypes serve as initial three-dimensional sketches and are then replaced by iterations of successively more refined versions.  Contact us to learn how we can assist in building out your product!

Custom prototypes to fit your needs

At GLS Design Group, we understand that every product, project, and inventor have different needs. Whether it be used for testing, a focus group, or an investor presentation, we want to build you a prototype to fit your needs entirely.

Prototyping capabilities

Our prototyping shop is completely outfitted with all the equipment necessary to fully fabricate your product. The mechanical, electrical and software elements of your product are all developed under one roof at our location in Atlanta, allowing for rapid fabrication and feedback on your design.